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Stoik the Vast

Stoik is large of bone and blocky headed. He's kind and courageous and loves his people.  He excels in the water and at retrieving.  Stoik passes on his large bone, and calm, sweet nature.

Kris(9of9) (2).jpg


Brick's arrival here at PGF is such a blessing. Hes super goofy, and fun. Hes a big boy with a blocky head HUGE feet and a brave, willing attitude.  He's also super sweet and low key.  He and Valha have become good friends, they have the same energy being the youngens and they play like siblings.
Bricks Pedigree is super impressive with multi best of show, best of breed... to many to list as every dog in his lines was shown.   He is a direct import.   We are so blessed his testing is complete, and we have received his CHIC certificate.  We are super excited to see this boy shine.



Jasper is the son of Evee and Oscar. He tested extremely high for therapy when we used Volhards on his litter, and we hope he will be a certified therapy dog just like his Dad is.   He is confident, playful, and lovable.  He loves attention, playing tug, and I fell in love with him before he was even a week old.  I'm so over the moon to have him here. We have many hopes for this boy.



Rip is the Son of Stoik and Vada.  We have waited a long time for this fella. He is shaping up to be his daddies mini me, and we couldnt be happier.  Cant wait to see this boy unfold.

Stud Services are available. We offer fresh shipped, and side by side.

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