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Our Females

Breeding Perfection


Evee of Cosmic Power

Expecting late winter Early Spring 2024

This girl is spunky and sweet.  Shes soft as feathers.  She is the first one to great you and is always smiling.  Evee is a calming presence in the house. She loves talking to you through the toy in her mouth.


Kumundra Vada Pranee

Vada will be bred to Stoik her next heat

Vada is Full of life and Joy.  Loves her kids and her ball.  Very smart and willing to learn. Clever she is! and Growing out splendidly! Vada has passed her Heart and Eye OFA testing!!


Amelie B'llana Pat-Hand

Her Testing should be complete by the New year! Will be bred with Brick

This Precious girl is a daughter of Valha and Krysto, Granddaughter of Stoik.  She lives with my sister in Chattanooga.


Lyndy Wyld and Free

Mischievous Bundle of Fun

Baby Lyndy is joy and a blessing!!   We are enjoying her to the fullest!

More Info on Lyndy
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