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Guardian Homes

What is a guardian home you wonder??

Well, it's a new way of looking at how our parent dogs live their lives. As a breeder, you are always having to keep one or two pups back from pairings that help elevate your program or keep your lines moving in the direction you have chosen for your program. Keeping all of those puppies/dogs under one roof is challenging. The most noticeable difference between a breeder keeping these pups vs sending them to a guardian home, is the amount of time that individual dog receives during its breeding years. With much consideration, I've decided to pursue guardianships.

1) Every home is considered on a case-by-case basis. Pups can go home at eight weeks old. They will have been microchipped, given their first vaccination, and wormed appropriately until that point. They will be raised just like all of our clients' dogs, with puppy culture, ENS, crate trained, and litter trained. They are socialized with children and other animals.
Your distance from me will dictate how much responsibility of driving to vet appointments would be placed on you.

2)No more than one or two dogs already in the home. It's perfectly fine if you have no other dogs.
I will want to meet your current pack of critters. And I'd want to vet your veterinarian. This is only so I can have peace of mind in trusting diagnosis or management of any illnesses or injuries.

3)At the time the pup would come to you that you have no really small children. I do not want our new puppy parents overwhelmed with having to care for a brand-new baby and a new puppy too.

4) Training is necessary. Our guardian dogs must be an ambassador of their breed. They must be well behaved and friendly.
It is important to consider how much time you'd have to invest in a new puppy. She would have to be obedience trained and socialized well. She would have to be ok with vets and humans touching her, and she would have to be trained enough to take gentle persuasion and comforting during duress (AIs, Deliveries)

5)She must be kept on our dog food, and they must continue to receive the daily supplement we give all of our dogs to help them grow to their full potential and keep them in optimum breeding condition.
This stipulation is only during their breeding years. Once retired your free to change it.

6)Most females will be bred three to four times before being retired. Once retired Their ownership is switched to you.

7) All day to day living costs is your responsibility. This includes flea and tick medicines, heartworm, annual vet visits, etc. Should the dog be injured in your care, or need emergency care for normal day to day issues or emergencies those costs are your responsibility.

All breeding costs would be my responsibility. Health screening, PG and Brucellosis testing, collection and shipping fees, and Artificial insemination fees would be mine. Including C-sections emergency or not.

8)Depending on how far away you are from me: If close enough for me to drive to you I will take the dog to vet appointments and health screening appts. If I'm unable to you would be expected to do that driving around. It starts at almost two years old when I start health screening the dog. If the dog doesn't not pass all of its testing, then things come to an abrupt stop. She would be spayed, and you would be given full ownership.
After passing all her testing we would wait for her to go into heat. We PG test her to figure out when she ovulates, then we will either breed her live or AI with shipped semen. a month after her last breeding she would go in for an Ultrasound. If a pregnancy is confirmed she would return to the vet 2 weeks later for an Xray. At this time, she would come to me to whelp the babies. Once the babies are weaned (typically between 4 and 5 weeks old) she can return to you.

9)An extensive aggressive contract must be signed, agreeing to the above, including stipulations about if you should breed, spay or in any other way hinder our agreement and my overall goal to breed said dog. (When appropriate and after testing) Contract is available to download, and I'd suggest you'd take a look before inquiring further. The contract is worded to be aggressive intentionally... If you are interested in owning a dog and are willing to do your part in this endeavor the contract is just a piece of paper.

10) puppies are placed by me. All client vetting and any decisions on whom the puppies will go to is done by me and only me. This is absolutely unnegotiable.

Summary: You get a free dog of quality breeding. You will be that dog's family for all its days. She will come to me for about six weeks for delivery and weaning. she will have no more than four litters in her lifetime. Should you want to keep one of her pups to also guardian, we allow up to two guardian dogs at one time.

Please see our Guardian Home Contract Here

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss becoming a guardian home. 

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