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Collecting and Shipping Semen

All fees incurred from collecting and shipping semen are in addition to our stud fee.

Shipping semen is a pretty easy process.  Once your female is in heat you take her to Your vet for Progesterone's Testing. This tests her hormone levels and lets your vet know when she is ready to be bred.  

Your two options for shipped semen is frozen and chilled.

Frozen has to be surgically implanted.

Fresh chilled can be AIed or TCIed.

Frozen you can have shipped to you anytime and have it on hand whenever you need it.  You would just need a place to store it until you were ready. If this is the way you'd want to go, I'd need to have our stud collected and frozen, and then shipped to you.  We will be storing frozen semen in the near future.

If you choose Fresh Chilled we wait to hear from your vet that your girl is ready to breed, I collect and send next day.

The cost of collecting the stud, the shipping container with ice packs, and 24-hour shipping is passed onto the Dam owner.    Our vet charges $350 to $400 to ship most places (even internationally, but those charges of course fluctuate) You pay the vet directly for these charges.   I bring them directly to the airport when able.

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