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Stoik will no longer be taking live cover reservations.  He is still available for side-by-side AIs and can be frozen or shipped chilled.  
Brick will take live cover reservations on a limited and case by case basis.  He is available for side by side. chilled or can be frozen.

Things to consider before deciding if your dog should be bred, and a little on Maidens.

First thing first... Your dog must be able to be handled.  held still and allows themselves to be comforted in stressful situations. They have to be able to submit to the male and allow themselves to be mounted. 

 What this means to you?  Your dog must have enough training to be handled and will submit to be laid down or held still for a period of time.   Ties can last from ten minutes to thirty minutes.  If i can not hold your girl still and comfort her while tied, she is a danger to my Stud.

This also translates into birthing for your animal.  If she is having issues or complications between pups or pushing out a pup you have to be able to lay her down, keep her still, to access or assist the situation.  

You have to bring your girl to us... so if she isnt socialized or friendly to other people or animals... thats a huge issue!!!   Not just for the breeding process but also as being a mother... With our breed your girl should be friendly and willing, even when unsure or anxious.  

Testing and bloodlines, does your bitch exude the breeds temperament?  Have you made sure your breeding the best of the best?

Moms undoubtedly teach their offspring how to behave.  If your bitch isnt social shell raise standoffish pups.  THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF MY GOAL.  i am raising therapy minded animals, 

And finally Maidens... Maidens take extra time.  loads of extra time.  to calm, comfort, and encourage.  They like a bit more practice, and can be slow to come in all the way.    I spend LOADS of time everyday with Maidens to get them comfortable and happy, You must keep in mind they have no idea what is expected of them and it takes a bit of practice and calm encouragement.  If yours is a maiden be patient, (I don't get discouraged easily, you shouldn't either! )

We try to make your girls stay with us as fun and stress free as possible.  If she is used to being crated while your out, then that is what we will do. If she can be trusted then she would be trusted here as well. she will be in our home with us just like our pack. 

 We have a very large fenced in area in the back of our home, accessed from our back door, to a very large deck that leads to the fenced in area. this door has a doggie door in it and they quickly learn they can go in and out.    They are never left to go outside when we are not home.  we gate our front porch to insure no door darters get out.    Please feel free to ask any questions about your girls expected experiences while she is visiting.   

Our Live cover includes a week stay with up to three ties.  You need to provide food for her stay, and comfort items.

All females will need a Negative Brucellosis test dated within a week of live breeding.  Maiden or not.

They will also need to be current on rabies and Kennel cough.  Proof of all three in written form is required.  Do not be surprised if I call your vet and verify.

All females must have had adequate PG testing to assure she is Ovulating, before live or side by side. 

At this time Stoik is available

for shipping fresh chilled or frozen, or side by side AI.

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