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What we're about

 We got our first golden about 14 years ago, her name is Pepsi she was an American golden and she has been the best dog we have ever been blessed with owning.  She’s what started the ambitious and arduous task of finding healthy, yet gorgeous breeding stock for our program. 

Pepsi had a seizure before her first birthday and has had them sporadically her whole life, she is almost blind now at 14 and she has major spinal degeneration.  All these things her breeder had no idea she was dispositioned for, and we had no clue to ask about.

  I was amazed just how far this lovely breed was allowed to go before folks started to pay attention and do something about it.  In the last decade things have really changed for this breed and I want to make sure I’m a part of the positive that is happening. 

All of our dogs are bought, raised and breed with Health and temperament being the number one priority.    My vision is to breed therapy tempered dogs for the modern family home, an animal that is calm and accepting to just about anything that’s thrown at it (figuratively!).  Yet still striving to exceed the breed standard.  Our breeding stock are show quality with multiple champions in an array of disciplines. 

 One of our sons has special needs and has always sought out our animals for comfort. We decided to act upon that in a much more direct and thoughtful way.  We have been in touch with so many parents that say the same thing, their children turn to their animals when stressed or over whelmed.  We actively want to strive to provide a dog who seeks out those moments to be that shoulder, or added strength.

 Our puppies are raised in our home, among the hub bub of family life.  They are exposed to other dogs, types of critters, leashes and crates.  We are open to special requests or alternate medicine for a purchased puppy.

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