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Do's, Don'ts, and FAQ

Please reach out to us if you don't find your concern covered below.

 What do all the Letters mean beside the Genetic testing? The following link is to the genetic testing lab I used for Stoik, you can find each test, the abbreviation for it and information regarding its common symptoms. 

Pawprints Genetics

 Are our dogs tested for Genetics and for Hip or elbow Dysplasia? Yes, they are, we only breed dogs that are the best example of a Golden Retriever! We also test their Eyes and Heart. 

Do you let puppies go before they are eight weeks old? NO! not only is it illegal in the state of NC (and many others) it's not what is best for your new baby!  the longer they stay with their siblings the more balanced and socialized your puppy will be.

Is my puppy microchipped? Yes!!  with AKC Reunite chips

Please do not take your puppy into heavily trafficked areas until it has had its full course of vaccinations, including rabies at the age of 16 weeks.

Do follow up vaccinations when your puppy is 11 weeks and 15 weeks. Rabies vaccination at 16 weeks

Do remember your puppy is still growing, it will need lots of sleep. Like a human baby they can get cranky when tired or hungry 

Please keep in mind your puppy's exercise. DO NOT overdo it.  DO NOT let them jump up or down from high objects. DO NOT let them run on slippery surfaces.  

Please DO talk with your veterinarian on age-appropriate exercise.

For emergencies always contact your Veterinarian.

We DO NOT accept\acknowledge Benefield Vets (associated with Petsmart) 


DO feed it a large breed puppy, of a quality brand, until at least 12 months of age. Then transition to a quality brand large breed dog food.  We feed TLC all life stages. 

How often should i feed my puppy? You should be feeding your puppy the recommended amounts, divided into three feedings, until it is about six months old. Then transition to twice a day. Keep going back to the manufactures recommendations as they age, they grow quickly... make sure you're keeping up.

Do you do health checks on puppies? Yes!  Your puppy will have a veterinarian health visit between 6 & 7 weeks of age.

Has my puppy had age-appropriate deworming's and vaccinations? Yes! Your puppy is dewormed at 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 weeks old. Your puppy will have its first vaccination at 7 weeks.

After bringing puppy home, please also take it to your vet for a NEW WELL PUPPY EXAM (this must be done within 48 hours, or void your puppy contract/health guarantee)

Potty Training Tips:   Always take your pup to the same spot to potty.  Use the same command 'Go potty' and praise when they do.   Generally, 20 to 30 minutes after drinking or eating anything, take outside and again right before bedtime.

Do you crate train? Yes. My personal animals are crate trained, and depending on my need and their comfort, if they are crated. Your puppy will have been introduced to the crate, played in it, ate in it, maybe even slept in it. 

 If this is a priority to you, extra training can be put into this and other things for your puppy pick. Just let us know of your needs

My suggestion for crates if you desire to use one.. buy the biggest one you have room for. But no smaller than those designed for your dog AT FULL ADULT SIZE.  if this is not possible you need to reconsider crate training. 

Tips for purchasing... some have double doors. will it be more convenient to open from the side or end? make sure to get one with a divider and a plastic tray.

 DO NOT use the crate as punishment.  This will become their den, a place of peace and comfort.

As soon as let out of the crate, take your puppy outside! Long enough to get over the excitement and use the restroom. remember to praise him when he goes potty!  

Do NOT sterilize your puppy before 12 months. I prefer 18 months.  if you do so you will void our puppy contract\health guarantee. 

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